Web Design

Websites are personal. They are meant to reflect the personality of the business they represent. At Walter Designs, we are dedicated to creating you a website that will be the perfect center piece for your businesses marketing! 


Web Design at Walter Designs

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or if your company has been in business for decades, a strong and personalized website is the focal point of any good marketing. It not only acts as a representation of your business to the world, but it’s also a primary source of information your customers and potential customers will look at when deciding whether or not to bring you their business.


Walter Designs knows that your business in unique and has much to offer the communities you serve. This is why we are so dedicated to making sure your businesses new web design highlights who you are and what it is you are striving for. We do everything we can to make sure your customers see everything that makes you unique. 


Every business is different and has different needs in a website. In order for us to truly let your individuality shine, we need to know about you and your business before we can begin.


Please use the form to send us a message about who your business in and what you are looking for in your new website.

Standard websites between 4-6 pages starting as low as $450.

We will also help you pick out and register your domain name.

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Our Design Process

Initial Meeting & Estimate

After you have decided that you would like to start your project, and contact us letting us know about you and your business, we will set up an initial meeting with you do discuss what you would like to see when you project is complete. 

After just this initial meeting, we will have an estimate of what your project will cost upon completion. Should you decide to move forward with your project we will ask for a 40% down payment of the agreed upon final cost. The remaining amount will be billed after your website is ready to go live.


Research, Design, & Review


We will create an initial design concept based upon the materials and information we gathered form our initial meeting and other firsthand research we have done for your company. We will present this concept to you and discuss any changes you may want to make or if you would rather us come up with another, fresh concept.


Development & Review

After deciding on a concept, we will build out your new website to reflect your business and achieve your marketing goals. We will provide a running proof of your website on our server so that you can view our progress at any time. We will also send you periodic update emails to keep you informed to how your website is coming along!

When the design is finished, we will meet with you one last time to discuss any final adjustments or changes you would like to make to your new website.



Launch & Maintenance 

When the website is ready to go live we will personally upload it to your web server and monitor the transfer to ensure that your new website is working perfectly. We will also, at this point, add any web analytic to your site that have been previously discussed. 

Walter Designs will gladly assist with any minor changes to your website that you may need after your site has gone live. 

*The remaining 60% of the final cost will be due before we actually take the site live. 



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most people simply search for what they are looking for on the internet so it is important that your business comes up quickly when your customers are looking for you. Let us help you discover the best ways to make it easy for your customers to find you!



Social Media Marketing

Social media is so much more than just random posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Sure that is an important part but there are a lot of ways social media can help you connect with your customers in new and exciting ways! We will gladly help guide you through the maze that is social media.



Web & E-Mail Hosting

When it comes to hosting your businesses information, it is vital that it is secure and reliable. We can help you pick out the perfect Host for your business and help you set up all of you files and documents to keep them safe and organized.